Midwest I-Child Namaste adoptive families

Midwest I-Child/Namaste' is a group of adoptive families that host an annual summer and winter gathering. Our roots were as the Midwest I-Child Heritage Camp (the mwihc in our domain name) and originally drew from Illinois and Wisconsin families that had adopted from India. The group has since evolved to include and welcome families from throughout the midwest who have adopted children from any country. Thus the "I" in "I-Child" should be read to mean "International", as opposed to the former understanding of "India" or "Indian."

We currently have families who have adopted from India, China, Cambodia, Korea, Romania, Nepal, and the United States. All families have a common interest in exposing their kids to their birth country's culture and meeting and socializing with other families created through adoption. We currently have families who reside in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Iowa. 

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